The Ultimate Discovery Experience™

What keeps you awake at night with concern? 

     What keeps you awake at night with excitement? 

          What helps you sleep well at night?

Client Centered

Have you ever noticed a disconnect in the life of a friend or colleague between how they live and the vision that they esteem for their future? Perhaps this could be true in your own life or the life of a close family member.

Proper planning requires unique solutions tailored to help meet your own specific needs. At Bridgeview Wealth, creating a life and estate plan employs a disciplined, structured approach to planning. By design, this ensures that we incorporate your mission, vision, values and goals in developing a strategy that is best for you: one that incorporates your vision, values and dreams.

The Ultimate Discovery Experience™

The first step of our process is to fully understand and analyze the specifics of your situation including core values, your ideal vision of your future, and short and long term goals, of not just you, but of the key members in your life.

Next, together we determine your Place of Most Potential. Subsequently, we serve as a consultant to help you identify both challenges and solutions specific to you and your family.

Finally, we facilitate an implementation matrix and join with you to follow it to completion.

This process is what we call the “Ultimate Discovery Experience™.” It allows our clients to preserve their intellectual and human capital by capturing, documenting, and sharing their core values and passions more effectively for the benefit of not only this generation, but the many that will follow.

Our approach can be best described as a unique blend of financial and life coaching, coupled with estate planning. We work first on the family balance sheet then, and only then, do we work on the financial balance sheet.

Why such an in-depth process?

Many advisors will suggest a plan built solely on their ideas. We find, instead, that basing your plan on the firm foundation of your well-understood vision and values builds a more solid foundation.

Life is full of inadvertent oversights and circumstances that can result in unexpected and unnecessary loss of assets and opportunity. An advisor should be your advocate and objective guide to lead you towards the future; but ultimately they can only “suggest” the appropriate course. The final call remains firmly in your hands. So ask yourself, “Whose plan is this; ours or the plan of our advisor?” If your plan is one that you contributed to build, the likelihood of you staying on course is much greater.

You have worked hard to arrive at your present financial position. We understand that every client wants to not only protect their present “lifestyle plan” but also to leverage their success for future generations. Our partnership yields dynamic results in understanding clients at their core so that they are empowered to approach their life values and vision with impact. As a result, the advisors at Bridgeview Wealth take very special care to focus on each client’s history, goals, and passions. Once you complete The Ultimate Discovery Experience™ and determine your Point of Most Potential the family potential as a whole can be maximized.

Our advisors help expand your vision to think beyond the technical aspects of your plan and find where your vision intersects with the human dimension. Our personalized and customized approach has been the hallmark in assuring our client’s success and peace of mind.

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