Dr. Paul Nussbaum, Life Caddie

Dr. Paul Nussbaum, Ph.D. ABPP

Dr. Paul Nussbaum, Ph.D. ABPP

We are pleased to announce the addition of Dr. Paul Nussbaum to our team of strategic collaborators dedicated to promoting individual and family flourishing. 

Robb sees the venture as “a vital piece in the Bridgeview portfolio of family flourishing resources that we offer to our clients.”

Dr. Nussbaum has significant academic and professional credentials as a neuroscientist and board-certified psychologist with particular expertise in aging, brain-behavior relations, and brain health. Dr. Nussbaum is an international leader in the area of brain health and his holistic Brain Health Lifestyle® has been shared with companies, schools, organizations, and individuals nationwide.  He is one of 53 Board Certified Geropsychologists in the United States.

He is the founder of the Brain Health Center which serves as the epicenter of his Brain Health Lifestyle consultation business and his keynote presentations internationally.  

In his newest undertaking as a Life Caddie, he is walking with individuals in a coaching and consultative manner.  He appreciates, "It can be lonely at the top and finding someone with whom you can walk with transparently and honestly can be difficult if not impossible.  I can help you with this much like a Caddie walks with a golfer."

For more information about Dr. Nussbaum visit his website at www.brainhealthctr.com

Life Caddie

Life Caddie

Dr. Nussbaum is joining us in the capacity of a Life Caddie  focusing on individuals and positioning them for success through coaching and accountability.  He brings his many years of professional experience in the neurosciences and human behavior to serve as a Life Caddie to those who can benefit from clear, discreet, and purposeful guidance.  

Paul’s overarching mission has been to help individuals, families, and companies large and small with achieving healthier and more productive lives. His keen observation of behavior, listening skills, and capacity to quickly encode a person’s life-story facilitates his ability to affect positive and healthy change. Dr. Nussbaum's mission and passion interface well with the goals of Bridgeview Wealth.  He has worked with leaders of small and large companies, professional athletes and persons across the nation and the world overcome personal and professional challenges thereby achieving overall wellness.  

“I am most excited to join Bridgeview Wealth to assist clients and families achieve healthier, more purposeful, joyful and balanced lives.”, states Nussbaum. 

Life Caddie melds perfectly with Bridgeview's The Ultimate Discovery Experience (TUDiE) which takes families and individuals through a 360-degree assessment journey to maximize their intellectual, human and financial capital.  Joining with Dr. Nussbaum and his expertise was a logical partnership as he expands his Life Caddie focus for individual engagements.  

To see if having a Life Caddie might make sense for you, contact Bridgeview to schedule a consultation at 724-940-6321.

Benefits to Consider Dr. Nussbaum as Your Life Caddie

Expertise in neuroscience and human behavior

  • Experience with leaders, CEO's, professional athletes and entertainers
  • Discreet
  • Capable of travel to your location
  • Customized work to the individual
  • International expert on Brain Health and Brain Health Lifestyle
  • Trusted advisor by affluent, leaders and persons in positions of influence
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The Weekly Brain Health Moment

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Brain Health Moment

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