The Business of Family

Client Centered

No other business is precisely like yours. Shouldn’t your financial plan be just as unique?

Business owners have complex needs and daunting challenges. Unfortunately, with traditional financial planning, well intended advisors are more salesmen of product rather than partners in holistic wealth maximization. This ignores the broader family members and stakeholders in a human system. Not ascertaining a full and balanced prospective on the human capital risks missing incredible opportunities due to not capitalizing on the unique capacity of each member and stakeholder.

For a family or business enterprise to flourish, an investment of time and capital as a priority is necessary so that elevating each member can be realized. Families seeking greater impact focus first on developing their human and intellectual values and subsequently find ways to employ their financial capital to enhance the former.

At Bridgeview Wealth we use values-based family financial planning to empower our clients to leverage wealth to its maximum influence in personal, family, business and philanthropic areas.

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Resources for Businesses Impacted by COVID-19

Resources for Businesses Impacted by COVID-19

COVID-19 has impacted every business in some way and the Institute for Entrepreneurial Excellence recognizes the need to provide up-to-date information and assistance to business owners however possible. This resource page provides information on policies, programs, and opportunities available to help propel economic recovery.


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