Purposeful Trusts

<span>&#8220;</span><span>The name we give to something shapes our attitude towards it.&#8221; Katherine Patterson</span>

The name we give to something shapes our attitude towards it.” Katherine Patterson

Would you allow your delivering doctor to name your baby? That’s what happens when we allow professionals in our life to name our trust. The name on your trust will be read over 300 times—why not let this be an opportunity to send a message of love, legacy or purpose to the ones you care about?

Bridgeview Wealth offers a proprietary exercise to help you to name your trust and make this potentially sterile document become a “Purposeful Trust”. Beyond the name, we encourage you to include “Paragraphs of Purpose” within the document that allow you to add your heart and provide further message and meaning within the context. 

Often inheritors mistakenly look at a trust as free money or a way to control them but by adding Purposeful Language the Trust Creator can better convey their intention and the backstory behind their purpose. The name and context within the document can create greater connection, motivate and inspire beneficiaries, connect them to a formula for a prosperous life, apprise them to the vision you have for the gift and how you want to empower them, sharpen the focus on stewardship of wealth and any number of other benefits. It can let the family know that you do trust them.

When you are ready to create your own trust, please let us know so that we can work with you through the process. A legacy can be created well before you are gone. We long to help you create a meaningful one and have it last for generations to come.

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