Speaking Topics

Robb has a vibrant speaking career presenting on a wide variety of topics:

Robb has a vibrant speaking career presenting on a wide variety of topics:

  • Business Succession
  • Leadership
  • Human/Family Dynamics
  • Financial Planning
  • Health is Wealth.       

His past presentations include:

"Health is Wealth is Health"

Robb gave this talk earlier this year at a Health and Lifestyle conference on Marco Island.  In this engaging presentation he discusses the six areas of wealth that he has identified and how they are all vital in having total health. 

Key Take away: "Wealth is far more than finances and I must focus on all areas of wealth to be truly flourishing."

“Everyday Creativity”

Robb will share bites from a creative and inspirational DVD program by award winning National Geographic photographer Dewitt Jones. Afterward, we will engage in a stimulating round table discussion touching upon several of Dewitt’s key points to view new ways to look at life and get out of the ruts in your business and personal life.

Key take away: “I have new ways to view life every day and will inspire others to do the same.”

“How to Handle ‘Difficult Conversations’ with Confidence and Skill”.

Robb shares salient points of this New York Times Best Seller from members of the Harvard Negotiation Project. We will walk through a proven step-by-step approach so you will be equipped to have tough conversations with less stress and more success.

Key take away: “This review will contribute measurably to my business and personal relationships.”

“Rothschild’s and Vanderbilt’s”

Shirt Sleeves to Shirt Sleeves: Are you doing the right things to extend your family wealth beyond the 3rd generation or are you doing the things to cause its demise? Robb will facilitate discussions around these thoughts and questions: “She has her father’s eyes and her mother’s smile but will she inherit their values?” and, “What will he do with the family inheritance?” or “What will the family inheritance do to him?” We will visit inside the homes and hearts of the Rothschild and Vanderbilt family’s fundamental values.

Key take away: “This journey into the past will stimulate me and help me develop my living legacy plans.”

“Your Plan or Your Advisors’ Plan?”

Robb will share unique views of estate planning from both behavioral and technical perspectives. You will see the good, the bad, and the ugly of plans that were driven by an advisor vs. discovered by the family members as a result of an effective consultant asking the appropriate questions.

Key take away: “I will begin to think differently about my plan vs. advisor driven solutions.”

“Heir Apparent or Not?”

Robb will share unique views of a business transition when both the emotional and financial interests of the family members remain significant. Family and closely held business transitions often expose personal emotions as a result of stressors later revealed during the difficult balancing act of capturing market value, lifestyle value, & family values. You will see the good, the bad, and the ugly of some business transitions yielding bumper crops while some are blown away like chaff.

Key take away: “I will learn what a good farmer does to enhance his bumper crop.”

“So Many Hats!” 

Fifteen roles of an owner are identified in the book ‘Hats Off To You’ by Ernest A. Doud and Lee Hausner. Robb will explore the most common struggles family members experience in their business; namely, sorting out the hats of family management and ownership. Most family business owners desire to achieve three goals: business prosperity, family harmony and personal well-being. This discussion focuses on helping family business owners create clarity and confidence in the space of these desires.

Key take away: “I will begin to see the boundaries and margins necessary due to wearing so many hats.”

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