Tyler Grove

Tyler Grove

Wealth Advisor

Since 2015, Tyler has been immersed in the financial services and wealth management industry. He received a bachelor's degree in Finance at Grove City College in Pennsylvania and upon graduating was hired at a well-known local firm, as a Technology Training & Support Associate. In this role, he was able to acquire first-hand insight into how a corporate wealth management firm functions and conducts business. Furthermore, Tyler was given the opportunity to build relationships with and observe over 90+ advisors and their teams. From this experience, he was able to pick up practices he would like to adopt and some he would like to avoid.

After 3 years in this role, and with the help of Robb’s mentorship, Tyler had discovered and affirmed that there were inefficiencies in the way that corporate firms invested their client’s assets that diminished the potency of their assets. Additionally, the local firm he was working for at the time was acquired by an even larger national firm that would continue these investment practices and even be more restrictive to its clients. At this time, he reflected on his 6 years of mentorship provided by Robb and decided that it was time he began a new chapter in his life.

As a Wealth Advisor at Bridgeview Wealth, Tyler is excited and determined to help clients unveil the truth about big banking and Wall Street and the ideals they would like investors to buy into. He is eager to guide clients in compounding success instead of compounding mistakes regarding their personal portfolios and investments. In order to do this, Tyler has acquired his State Life, Accident and Health insurance license, Series 65 Uniform Investment Advisor Law license and is in pursuit of the CFP designation.

Outside of the office, Tyler enjoys spending time with his wife, Mallory, and his family and friends. He also trains in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, enjoys golf, skiing, sporting clays, climbing, exercising, and cooking. His favorite dish to make is carne asada tacos with a purple cabbage slaw and mango salsa.